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Occupational therapy is the art and science of enabling engagement in everyday living, through occupation; of enabling people to perform the occupations that foster health and well-being; and of enabling a just and inclusive society so that all people may participate to their potential in the daily occupations of life (Townsend & Polatajko, 2013, p. 380).

More on Occupational Therapists

As highly trained health care professionals, occupational therapists assist individuals whose daily functioning at home, leisure and work activities have been affected by physical injury, mental illness, disease, learning disability or social circumstances. Since 2008, entry level education requirements to become an occupational therapist in Canada have included a professional Master’s degree in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy services include:

  • Return to work planning (Including job site analysis & work site visits)
  • Hand therapy
  • Ergonomic and workstation evaluation
  • Home visits (safety, accessibility, etc.)
  • Activities of daily living (ADLS) assessment
  • Geriatrics (including falls prevention)
  • Wheelchair and scooter prescriptions
  • Assessment of your functional capacity & pre-employment assessment
  • Somatosensory rehabilitation of pain

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